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Mar 24

Derobe Dance Band. Kem Dahg

This is on fire, and we ain’t kidding around!

We ordered the 45 from the great Secret Stash Records, as should you.  

If you want a version that fits in your pocket, on your phone and/or on your pretend DJ laptop though, yer in luck! ‘cuz Wax Poetics is letting you DL this fresh offering for free, Free, FREE!

Mar 6

Christie Azumah & The Uppers International. Aja Wondo.

Ghanian afro-funk and super charged highlife comprise the contents of this LP!  groove on it…

Feb 27

Grazia. Istemem.

Riff-tastic Turkisk folk gone funk by the 16 year old wonder kid Grazia!  Recorded in 1978 and re-released by Fortuna Records in 2013.


Feb 3

Lenis Guess. How You Gonna Do It?

Jazzman Records shine a light on Norfolk Virginia, and specifically Lenis Guess on this new 3 x 7” box set.

"This collection of unique recordings captures the essence of the multi-talented entertainer, singer, songwriter, producer, arranger, band manager and label owner – a calm, cool and collected quintessential music man about town."

Score it direct from Jazzman and get the digital versions too.

Jan 30

Mighty Hannibal. Hymn No.5.

We’ve posted about this gritty groove maker before here, and today the Mighty Hannibal has moved on to an eternal groove, passing at 74 years of “cooler than you are.”  

Political. Soulful. Funky. …and a true performer. 

Jan 15

Carlo Lamartine & Aguias Reais. Bazooka.

the always great Analog Africa hit us with a second serving of tracks originating from Angola.  Checkit:

Angola Soundtrack 2 - Hypnosis, Distorsions & Other Sonic Innovations 1969​-​1978

get it: digital. CD or LP via BandCamp

Jan 9

Paco Zambrano Y Su Combo. Meshkalina

Originally this was released as the equally killer Peruvian psych cut by Traffic Sound in 1968 (check the vid below!), but Meshkalina gets some real Latin percussive blood and brass pumped into its heart here by Paco Zambrano.  & the eff’n killer wah guitar remains present in both versions… YaYaYaYaYaYaYaYaYa!

Get a copy of this cut and the rest of the great substantial comp. Peru Maravilloso: Vintage Latin, Tropical & Cumbia from Tiger’s Milk Records.  Including a 45 version of the cut.  Nice eh?  

Jan 2

hey 2014 people.

It’s been a good year over at Kept Records, with three singles, a full-length LP and a remix single being released (all available for your turntable of course), and we look forward to bringing you more action in 2014.  

It looks like we’ve missed a whole year of posting here on the Platters That Matters blog, so we’re gonna take the opportunity to highlight some cuts that got heavy play at Kept Records HQ this past year.  In no particular order, but all with particularly funky ingredients…we hope you dig ‘em too.

Myron & E - If I Gave You My Love

Myron & E - Do It Do It Disco (Tom Noble Remix)

The Myron & E record on Stones Throw is a gem, and our favourite cut on the album is “If I Gave You My Love” (available as a free DL too!)  Also worth mentioning and putting on repeat, is this killer Tom Noble remix of one of the flipside numbers.

G-Flux feat. Los MastersPlus - Ritmo Universal

To begin, you’d best just go buy everything on Electric Cowbell, it’ll give your record box much more punch.  No two releases are the same, and all are fresh, like this electro Cumbia number.

Lady - Get Ready

Lady - Hold On

Truth & Soul have been delivering solid heat for a number of years, and they did it again with this self-titled release by Lady.  These two back to back tracks on the LP are our faves.

Bad Bad Not Good - UWM (Feat. Leland Whitty)

Sure it was released in 2012, but it finally got the vinyl treatment by Innovative Leisure early in 2013.  The Toronto-based group signed to IL this year and we can expect a full length soon!

The Ironsides - The Raven

Jungle Fire - Firewalker

Colemine keeps digging and dishing out gold, and this year was killer for the label.  These are two of our faves: a Piero Piccioni cover, “The Raven,” by The Ironsides and the oft favourited Jungle Fire cut “Firewalker.”

Jungle By Night (x Gaslamp Killer) - High Times/Ghost Town

Now you know how much we love Turkish psych around here, so this is a no brainer.  The mighty Dutch afro squad Jungle By Night teamed up with LA DJ, taste maker and earth shaker The Gaslamp Killer (who we saw nail a set in June!) for this limited edition 45 on Kindred Spirits.  It includes this Selda cover on the flip. Niceness.

Charles Bradley (feat. Budos Band) - Changes

A Sabbath connection with the last entry, and a late release in 2013, but good gawd!  Dunham + Budos + Bradley brings us a conjurers dose of sweet, sweet soul.  I do hope Ozzy gets a promo copy and feels it shooting straight through his ears and into his heart like the rest of us do.

Vex Ruffin - Prime Of My Life

Another Stones Throw release, this one by Vex Ruffin.  An unsolicited demo got him signed to the label.  Wow eh?  Anyway, this one is a fave of the littlest man at Kept Records HQ. He says he loves the bass.  Yeah…you will too, so checkit!  It’s a minimalist punked groove.

Black Market Brass- Snake Oil Man

Secret Stash have been letting us all in on their…well, secret stash for a few years now, but they surprised us with this original 45 release this year.  Nigerian groove by way of Minneapolis.  Yes, that crazy.  Just listen.   The label has some goods on deck for 2014, so watch out for ‘em!

Jan 21

Urbane Gorilla. Ten Days Gone.

comp’d by the always great @KeepersFinders - Finders Keepers Records- we’ve been riffin’ on this number at HQ lately.

these dudes opened for Sabbath!! and this cut kills…

Jan 6

Anthony King. Filigree Funk.

some pretty fine library funk here…


Jan 1

Picky G (fet. Allan Barnes). Cherry Juice.

a fresh cut outta Detroit.  well worth your hard earned dollars:

"The debut single on G-Rated records from producer/guitarist Picky G (Ryan Gimpert) of the Detroit-based group, Will Sessions.”

gettit via Dusty Groove or JUNO now!

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